Sons of Arathis

“We are the light of civilization and law, we deliver hope and justice to the people of Galaris” – Motto of the Sons of Arathis

The sons of Arathis are the military arm of the Grand Temple of Arathis located in [Wylla]]. They are composed mainly of Clerics, Paladins, Avengers and Favored souls. Small in number they typically raise militias from the surrounding towns who are loyal to Arathis. The largest of which is Fallcrest who is typically willing to donate large portions of its town guard to the command of the Sons of Arathis.

They consider themselves the eternal enemies of the Cult of Veccna and due to an ancient fued they refuse to deal with the Knights of Nerath in anyway. They are also not welcome in Chith. Though most other settlements welcome the sight of thier flags and banners. As they are willing to tackle problems that the Knights of Nerath consider to be either beneath them or impracitcal to solve.

Being a member of the Sons of Arathis Confers a +2 Bonus to Heal and the option to train in the Religion skill even if your character normally does not have that skill.

Sons of Arathis

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