Seven Pillared Hall

The Seven Pillared Hall is the main trading hub that the Mages of Sarun setup in the labyrinth. Manny races that would otherwise not have peaceful contact meet here to conduct business with the mages and on rare occasions each other.

The mages also have residence here. Having a tower built into one of the walls that is only accessible via teleportation via the giant minatour in the center of town.

The hall is home to large transient population but roughly 600 people call the hall a permenant home. They live in hollowed out areas of the outer walls that are known as pidgeon wholes, though the wealthier residents can afford free standing structures or even use of some of the original structures that wer efound in the hall. The races are fairly evenly spread between human, dwarf, halfling, dragon born, teifling, drow, kobold, goblin and druegar. Even a few illithids have been known to pass through on occasion though the mages keep an especially watchful eye on them.

Law and order is maintained primarily through fear of the mages. Who are unwilling to maintain a prison population so any crime is punishable by death. The mages even appoint a special mage known as the Ordinator Arcanus who wears a golden mask and acts as judge jury and excutioner. To break up brawls and other non leathal law enforcement the mages have employed an ogre named brug who maintains his own small and excessively violent security force.

The mages tolerate slavery but several of them are not especially fond of it. Aside from that there is little that cannot be bought in the Hall at the right price.

1. Road of Laterns

2. The Customhouse: This is serves as the barracks for Brugg and his hired deputies eat, sleep and layabout when they are not roaming the hall looking trouble makers or causing trouble themselves.

3. The Deepgem company

4. Bersk the Wainwright

5. Temple of hidden light

6. Residences

7. House Azaer

8. pigeon holes

9. Deep Stair

10. The Halfmoon Inn

11. Waterfall

12. Bridges

13. Chute

14. Minotaur statue

15. Grendar’s curios and relics

16. Dreskin the provisioner

17. Rothar’s taproom

18. Road of Shadows

19. Grimmerzhul Trading post

20. Dragon door

21. The tower of Saruun

22. Shining road

Seven Pillared Hall

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