Knights of Nerath

“For as long as we live the Kingdom of Nerath and all it stood for will never be dead! And its enemies will forever know fear” – Motto of the Knights of Nerath

The Knights of Nerath are the guards and military of the city of Chith. They have modeled their force organization and methodology after the ancient worriors of the Nerath Empire. The knights stand for strength, honor and dicipline. They believe in thier noble purpose and the law of thier monarchs. As such they tend to regard adventurers and other people who live outside the law with suspicion though they are not above employing such people to carry out jobs for them when a full scale deployment would be unfeasable or the politically unwise.

The knights are lead by Lord Marshall who is an old and grizzled dragonborn named Chell; a veteran of a hundred campaigns. It is rumored that Chell does not see eye to eye with the royal court who insist he over look the activities of certian organizations and people within Chith, most notably the Thieves Guild. He also resents the practice of Royal Charters as he believes they are little more than tickets to cause mayhem and disorder.

Even the lowest ranking Knight is a formidable warrior and every member of the knights be they a wizard, scout, or warrior is trained in the use of plate armor. They pride themselves on being the mailed fist of civilization and sometimes refer to themselves as Warriors of Light and Steel.

Being a member of the Knights of Nerath Confers a +2 Bonus to Endurance and the Armor Proficiency Plate feat even if your character does not meet the requirements.

Knights of Nerath

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