In The Shadow of Nerath

The Pyramid of Shadow

The party found themselves within the Pyramid of Shadow in a pit of fresh corpses. A two-headed giant soon called out for their heads. “Blood for the blood god.” “Skulls for the skull throne” or some such Khornate nonsense. While trying to protect their heads from the axe of the giant, carrion crawlers appeared from within the pit of corpses and began feeding on them. Despite having just fought of the eladrin, the party easily finished off these beasts before downing the giant into his own pit.

After the battle, the party heard a voice calling for help. Elnarian searched for the voice and found a strange artifact. The artifact was a strange magical ball that held the decapitated head of an eladrin princess. She offered her aid if the party could dispose of her husband Kalvecos. It sounded like the only way to escape the prison was to kill Kalvecos anyway, so the party agreed to slaying him. She also mentioned a dragon lairing within the pyramid.

Next, the party decided to head to the south and encounter the plant people. The plant people made an agreement with the party to give them safe passage through their territory as well as a safe resting place in exchange for them killing a beast that plagued them. The beast turned out to be an otyugh. While Kriv, Ranik, and Veras bravely fought the demon, Elnarian was helpless and trapped in the darkness below. Fearing for his own life, Omegas hid at the entry to the demon’s pit and fought off a few rats.

After narrowly defeating the demon, the party returned to the plant people with proof of their victory. The plant people offered a seed to be put in each party members skin as a sign of thanks. Not surprisingly, all party members refused and the pleasantries between the two groups soon stalled. They were no longer willing to grant the party safe passage. In disgust, Ranik chucked the otyugh’s tentacle trophy into the plant peoples sacred pool. The party then left to find a safe place to rest before they pushed on.



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