In The Shadow of Nerath

Pooping On Old Man

Previously on Battlestar Galactica:

Elnarian teleport attacked Old Man’s face. Old Man argued against it but I couldn’t hear him over the sound of how awesome I am. Elnarian then put on Caps Lock so that he was louder than everyone else. This led to tank surfing because Elnarian is just that bad ass in battle.

When the rest of the group became demoralized at the chances of victory against the almight dm, Elnarian gave a speech:

It doesn’t matter what the dm says. It doesn’t matter what the BBEG or the minions say. It doesn’t matter if the whole game decides that something wrong is something right. This group was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and Old Man and the whole world tell us to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and tell the whole world … “No! You move!”

Unfortunately, Old Man then summoned a Mt. Rushmore golem and killed all of the party except Elnarian. Elnarian used his magic to summon a snowman army. Old Man said “Fucking snow, don’t get it on my carpet.” Old Man surrendered and the forces of good were triumphant once more.

In the end, he fought Jamie’s eldar: Taste the rainbow.

The Pyramid of Shadow

The party found themselves within the Pyramid of Shadow in a pit of fresh corpses. A two-headed giant soon called out for their heads. “Blood for the blood god.” “Skulls for the skull throne” or some such Khornate nonsense. While trying to protect their heads from the axe of the giant, carrion crawlers appeared from within the pit of corpses and began feeding on them. Despite having just fought of the eladrin, the party easily finished off these beasts before downing the giant into his own pit.

After the battle, the party heard a voice calling for help. Elnarian searched for the voice and found a strange artifact. The artifact was a strange magical ball that held the decapitated head of an eladrin princess. She offered her aid if the party could dispose of her husband Kalvecos. It sounded like the only way to escape the prison was to kill Kalvecos anyway, so the party agreed to slaying him. She also mentioned a dragon lairing within the pyramid.

Next, the party decided to head to the south and encounter the plant people. The plant people made an agreement with the party to give them safe passage through their territory as well as a safe resting place in exchange for them killing a beast that plagued them. The beast turned out to be an otyugh. While Kriv, Ranik, and Veras bravely fought the demon, Elnarian was helpless and trapped in the darkness below. Fearing for his own life, Omegas hid at the entry to the demon’s pit and fought off a few rats.

After narrowly defeating the demon, the party returned to the plant people with proof of their victory. The plant people offered a seed to be put in each party members skin as a sign of thanks. Not surprisingly, all party members refused and the pleasantries between the two groups soon stalled. They were no longer willing to grant the party safe passage. In disgust, Ranik chucked the otyugh’s tentacle trophy into the plant peoples sacred pool. The party then left to find a safe place to rest before they pushed on.

Elnarian's Taking Over of the Adventure Log

The party set out from Seven Pillared Hall to finally put an end to Paldamar. He welcomed us into his home and began explaining his master plan. Evil demons and undead forces were making their way into the mortal world and he was willing to do anything to stop it. Gates were opening throughout the realm. He spoke of his own failed attempt at controlling demons, as shown by his corrupted arm.

He mentioned other possible ways of stopping the invasion, but before he could explain any more, the impatient Ranik lept forth to battle Paldamar’s minions. The battle dragged out as the forces of Paldamar gained the upper hand in the early proceedings of the fight. Only through blood and sweat did the party slowly push the tide of battle the other way. It culminated in Elnarian’s use of Paldamar’s own magic to backlash against him, splattering his body into giblets.

Afterwards, Ranik claimed Paldamar’s head while the rest of the party searched and uncovered what would turn out to be an important map. It showed the location of the ruins of a demon summoning tiefling from ages past.

On the way back to Seven Pillared Hall, the party ran into an enthusiastic Orontor. He was more than happy that the party had defeated Paldamar so easily. The initial happy mood was quickly changed as the duergar king and Kriv began to argue. The insults thrown at the duergar would not be forgiven and a melee broke out. Attempts at diplomacy ended in failure and both Elnarian and Orantor abstained from the battle. The melee eneded with the death of the duergar king and his followers, only to be raised later by Orontor.

At Seven Pillared Hall, Orontor used the melee as an excuse to not pay the reward to the party. Gestures demonstrated that they were not longer welcomed there.

And so the party ventured into the light once more, traveling to Winterhave to tie up some loose ends before heading to Fallcrest. On the trip back to Fallcrest they ran into a group of Knights of Nerath. They shared a meal and the party realized the amount of trouble the eladrin at Fallcrest were causing as well as the significance of Omegas’ blade.

The party were given a warm welcome at Fallcrest. Room and board were provided for free as a reward. A parade was held in their honour, one that only Ranik truly enjoyed. Afterwards, the party finalized their decision to hunt down the eladrin.

Elnarian refused to take part in the eladrin endevour. They were looking for him and to keep them content, he gave a plain ring to Kriv and Omegas to hand over to the eladrin. Elnarian kept the explanation short, telling them to say that they found the ring on a dead body in Seven Pillared Hall. Elnarian did not want to fully explain the situation, and so ended up leaving the duty of story telling to those that proved to be less skilled than himself. The eladrin ended up accepting the simple story and parted ways. Elnarian, Veras, and Ranik made their way to the ruins.

Everyone met up together at the ruins. The eladrin followed Kriv and Omegas, obviously feigning their belief in the story. A battle ensued with the eladrin. They were led by Elnarian’s brother-in-law Rallos. Elnarian encouraged his companions to take the enemy alive, the enemy did not follow suit. While the battle took place a small black pyramid appeared and eventually sucked the party into darkness. They were now trapped in the Pyramid and Shadow, with no sign of the eladrin they were fighting.

Thunder on the the Mountain

Having returned victoriously from Shadowfell keep but with grim news you return to Winterhaven to inform her people that thier fellow citizens would not be returning home. Calahan did however assure the people that the souls of the dead have been laid to rest. And this and the news that the necromancy Kalrel was now dead seemed to fill the villagers with relief. A celebration was held though the party was stoic but helpful.

The next morning Lord Padraig Patron of Winterhaven arrived at Watfon’s in to beg a quest of the party. Apparently the Lord of Fallcrest, Lord Allister; recently had his ranch raided by slavers belonging to a gang known as the Blood Reavers, Apparently the Blood Reavers have been getting more aggressive lately and have begun to snatch ever increasing numbers of people. Among the persons seized from Lord Allister’s ranch were several servants and his much beloved daughter. Fearing for her life he has called in every favor he can in order to retreive her. Including hiring several adventuring groups to search Thunderspire Mountain the supposed base of operations of the Blood Reavers. Lord Padraig informs you that there has been little success in the search and has asked that you lend your considerable expertise to the matter.

The party agreed but before leaving Winterhaven spoke to several of the townspeople in an effort to learn more about Thunderpire though the Party’s Mage Elesha was apparently already well versed in the lore surrounding Thunderspire. The party talked to Valthrun the promnisient a local sage about the legend of Thunderpire and found him to be interested but relatively unhelpful. He did however request the boon of the party, perhaps brining him back an item of historical significance. The party also spoke with Bairwin, the owner of Bairwin’s grandshoppe. He provided the party with information about the Seven Pillared Hall. In return he requested the party make a trade with a Drow named Grendar on his behalf for he currently could not be seen in the Seven Pillared Hall due to an outstanding debt with the Mages of Sarun.

The party had an uneventful Journey to Thunderspire Mountain. Though that was as far as thier luck held. Upon arrival to the labyrinth the party witnessed a group of blood reavers attempting to capture a halfling named Rendil Halfmoon. Intervening the party slew the gang members and Rendil escorted them to the Seven Pillared hall to his Aunt’s Inn. The party explored the hall for a time. They made the exchange with Grendar who gave them a set of Drow Fortune stones to give to Bairwin.

Thier Business completed the party set out in search of Lord Alister’s Daughter. Thier first sojourn into the labryinth resulted in them getting lost. Finding themselves deep in the maze and beset by strange monsters and a forboding magical prophecy about Bophomet. After the battle the party again tried to navigate the maze this time they found the Blood Reaver Hide out in the chamber of eyes. Opting for a stealthy aproach the party infiltrated the base and began to slay its inhabitants. After a time the party was set upon by a pair of Derugar. Thier presence in the prodimantly hobgolbin gang remains a mystery.

Shadwofell Keep

You were all hired by Lord Padraig to investigate the disppearances of several citizens of winterhaven. Your investigation took you to the ruins of Shadowfell Keep where you encountered a powerful necromancer named Kalrel. He was attempting to open a rift to the Orcus’s Sanctuary deep with in Shadowfell. The resulting hoard of undead would have easily consumed the defensless people of Galaris and most likley the rest of the world. You and your companions managed to stop Kalrel after a fierce battle. You resealed the rift and seized his book of the dead.


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