Its been 200 years since the fall of the Nerath Empire. This once proud nation of humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and dragonborn covered the vast majority of the continent of Galaris. Since its collapse some 200 years ago the world has become a much more dangerous places, lacking any central authority most surviving settlements became self ruled city states though some formed minor fiefdoms or kingdoms. The Kingdom of Sahd’Kahir being the largest.

The world is divided and chaotic. Fearsome monsters have reclaimed much of the land and aside from a few remaing city states much of the continent is lawless and without hope.

Massive dwarven holds have been overrun, many elven settlments have been ravaged, the once proud dragon born nation is in ruins and the time of the tiefling empire has long passed.

Adventurers looking for gold or glory can easily find employment as the lack of organized government leaves many common people largely unprotected.

You’ll be starting the campaign in the town of Winterhaven. Having arrived there for your own reasons you were quickly recuited by the town’s mayor Lord Padraig the town’s mayor and defacto lord of the surrounding region to investigate the disappearances of some townsepeople. Your investigation quickly took you and your capanions to a disused and ruined keep rumored to have something to do with the Shadowfell.





In The Shadow of Nerath